Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Spots, Locksmiths and Leaks

A has been better recently but she developed some very angry raised spots, which started spreading. I was sure she had impetigo, having consulted my "Your Child's Health Abroad" . The Dr at the hospital told us it was a reaction to the antibiotic she had been given for her chest infection. He was very brisk, barely looked at her and I was convinced he'd got it wrong. Well at the doctors today for vaccination number about 27, she confirmed it was impetigo, poor thing.

So far none of us have caught it fortunately. She also diagnosed my flaky lumps on my scalp as psoriasis. She asked if I had been under much stress lately or if stress could possibly have triggered it. I said there was an outside chance it could have done... our son has also developed severe eczema since being here too. Humidity, sun cream and swimming all exacerbate it, so not very good for a 6 yr old with a penchant for all things aquatic and the great outdoors. At least it comes and goes though.

Oh yes, the washing machine leak, and burst pipe. The washing machine leaked and flooded down 2 floors, we now know it was a rat pushing the outflow pipe out of the drainpipe. The pipe under our bathroom sink also burst, ruining everything in the cupboard under it, but the piece de resistance (caused by yours truly) was that M pulled our bedroom door shut having sprayed for mozzies and it locked (they all have yale locks) with both the key and the spare left INSIDE the room (by me. )

I should also add at this point it was 9.30 pm, M was in shorts and a t-shirt with all his shoes in the bedroom, and I was in my nightclothes. All our money was in there too. So M had to beg a lift from a colleague who came to pick him up, (because he had no shoes), and drove him into Colombo to our landlord's house to collect the spare keys. They had a spare key for every room, except that one......

So next morning, I scoured our locality for a lock smith, whilst M fumed in the house, in not many clothes. I found one, after about an hour, grabbed a tuk tuk and brought him back with me. It took him an hour to break in. At which point M started haggling over the man's price and what a day's wages in this country were. Whilst I wanted to kiss him, would have paid him a week's wages and given him my horse, had I owned one.

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