Sunday, March 4, 2007

Culture shock.

I feel completely adrift. Absolutely exhausted, falling asleep during
the day, totally lethargic (heat/stress/culture shock etc) and can't quite believe
this is my new reality. Where the euphoria is, which is supposed to be the 1st
'phase of acculturisation' I don't know. It's not like I didn't know I had it
good back home. It's funny the things you take for granted though, like walking (too hot to walk anywhere here), using a buggy unimpeded, having pavements, having seatbelts, having adults to talk to, and as for eating curry for breakfast.....

At first we travelled everywhere by tukt tuk. Fitting three of us in a tuktuk, meant
my son sitting cross legged with our huge buggy jammed in front of him in the
well, my daughter on my lap, crying because it was so windy and all of us clinging on for dear life.

When my daughter and I were still in hospital, our son came to visit one day announcing he'd made a new friend at school called "Malaria" My husband said 'she can't be called Malaria, that's a disease' Our son looked most put out and said that was her name, and HE liked her. It turns out she is disease-free and called Valeria in fact.

After a routine security briefing my husband announced that we have to have a 'quick bag' packed in case of an emergency evacuation of the British in the country. I wonder what we are supposed to pack, but then I suppose it's a bit like packing your pregnancy bag but without the disposable knickers. All routine stuff just doesn't help my equilibrium in this new strange place. And of course, we still haven't packed it......

When we 1st arrived here we were in a hotel for 6 weeks whilst trying to find a house. In the restaurant one night whilst having supper, I asked my 6 yr old son if he was missing his old school and school friends. He leaned forward and said confidentially 'No mummy, I'm having the time of my life,' then held up his drink and said 'cheers, welcome to Sri Lanka!' Oh for a child's perspective.

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