Saturday, March 31, 2007

Job Hunting, School Runs & Sri Lanka Blues

M applied for a microfinance advisor job in Bosnia. He is travelling to the south coast on Monday (Matara) returning Weds evening. Then Thu is (another Poya day & Fri he's taking as holiday, so we're going for a 4 daytrip to an elephant orphanage, then to Kandy (in the hills) and then to Habarana from where we can visit a famous rock fortress called Sigiriya. We intend to climb that (2 hours) so hope our son has a good breakfast that day.
And our 2 year old in the backpack. Then he's going East next wk (where the war is), and south again the wk after. So we will be 'home alone' again.

Our 6 yr old is loving school, still drifts between friends, gets on well with everyone but has no special friend at all really, whereas most of the others do. He loves reading and his reading has coem on in leaps and bounds, so much so that he has to go to the grade 2 (yr3 in UK) classroom to get his reading books, which he hates doing, because no one else does. Peer pressure starts early.

He and I did a presentation together on the UK to his class. Part of their 'alike and different' module. We went to 3 parties last wk end for birthdays in his class. He, at least, has an active social life, in terms of parties though in 6 mths he has only been on 1 play date. I find my expectations are so lowered now, I'm just grateful if we have something on or somewhere to go, even if it's only a kid's bday party or giving a presentation to A's class. At least it fills up the days a bit, which are so empty. Depressing and unfulfilling way of looking at life though......As you can see, in a depressed, 'wish I wasn't here' phase again.

My eczema and psoriasis have come back, and I am back to feeling very under par with no energy whatsoever. I hope our 2 yr old will settle quickly in nursery (no sign so far she's going to. VERY clingy.) so I have a little mental space and can maybe do some exercies or something. And our son is back to having regular ear infections too, probably because of all the time he spends under water.

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