Sunday, March 4, 2007

Heart Murmurs

At my daughter's check up a week after her pneumonia, the paediatrician detected a heart murmur which the paediatrician at her final check up in the UK had
noticed.This had been the 1st time it had been picked up so didn't take me completely by surprise thankfully. She had said the heart in a young child is very near the chest wall so quite common to hear a murmur, and the sri lankan paediatrician said 95% of heart murmurs are 'innocent' but she still sent us down to
cardiology to be seen and then to have a scan.

2 hrs later we go in for the scan. A fought and screamed so much the doctor gave up, and gave her some medicine to put her to sleep. This worked within a few minutes but by the time they called us in again to have the scan it was 20 mins later and she woke up!

He gave up, not the 1st doctor to have given up fighting her. Poor girl has=
had wrestling matches with so many medical practitioners in her time! So we wait 3-4 wks in the hope she will have forgotten her week in hospital by then!

When I explained about A to our 6 yr old he said "maybe they have never heard
an English heart before and it sounds different to a Sri Lankan one"

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