Saturday, March 31, 2007

Job For the Boy

When we got back, M told me that his job was looking increasingly uncertain because of budget cuts, (and other reasons. Long story). He had been told his job would be there till Dec, but it was looking likely it could be as early as Sept. Aaaaaaaaaaargh!! So he started looking for other jobs. And I started mentally roving the world once more wondering where I could cope with living.........

It's very unsettling for us all, we really do not want the upheaval of moving our whole family to another continent, again. I can't really think about it even. We really feel for our 6 yr old too, who is thrilled to be back at school and seeing his friends again. Ironically I was looking forward to coming back, and feeling I was happy to have another crack at it. Feeling quite positive, (that feeling lasted about 3 weeks.....)

Four calls to the water company to try and secure the complex task of getting water delivered this month (yes that is what the company do), put paid to those positive vibes..

But for those of you interested in our wild life here. On arrival home, 2 dead rats, big pong, but only two geckos, no spiders and very few ants so far....Lots of rain too, so no monkeys visiting.

Oh and one palm tree missing from our garden. It fell down. Termites....Fortunately whilst we were away, and fortunately onto our next door neighbour's (very strong) wall, so no damage to our (rented) house. However M will have to find somewhere else to hang his hammock now..

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