Saturday, March 31, 2007

Insecticide ~ The War of Wits against Weevils.

Soon after arriving back I had a very bad week. Major insect wars broke out. Our house helper discovered a new packet of chick peas teeming with little black insects, which I think were weevils, then we discovered a whole cupboard had an infestation, a bag of unopened pasta had weevils in it too, a tupperware container with icing sugar in a bag inside it was crawling with ants and another plastic "airtight" container of cashews had ants in it too.

My house helper explained to me that they can burrow or bite thru plastic wrapping, or even the hard celllophane type packaging pasta comes in. I had thought putting unopened packets
in the cupboard was fine. Oh no.......

We put the sugar on a tray in the sun. A tried and tested method here of getting rid
of ants, they don't like the sunlight.

I now am the proud owner of enough tupperware to throw a party though lack the suburban environment to do it in.

I have surprised a huge cockroach and a gecko 3 times now, crawling around in my cutlery drawer. What th eeye doesn't see, we happily eat off this cutlery which has had geckos and cockroaches crawling all over it. Still, doesn't seem to have done us any harm, it's just the thought of it, as Leontes said (Admittedly in a fairly crazed moment) "I have drunk and seen the spider" in "The Winter's Tale.

And worst of all I cleared the drawer out again the other day and discovered one of my rubber spatulas in that drawer was all chewed round the edge.
Could only have been done by a mouse.....yeuch.

4 women and/or their families in my mums and toddlers group have gone down with dengue
recently, so I have become paranoid again and am being much more diligent in applying
bug spray to everyone. There's a lot about at the mo. It's not just a nasty virus but it
hangs round for 6mths-yr, can cause depression, hair loss and if it is bad enough
(because it causes platelet levels to drop) you have to have a blood transfusion. Something you
really don't want to have here as, (according to our NGO), the screening is not all it could be. That surprsies me, the hospital seems very good, but you just don't know I guess.

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