Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Our Day Out

We have just had another Poya long wk end. We went to the hill country, though sadly it wasn't high enough to be any cooler, though a bit less humid. we stayed in a little guesthouse next to a gorgeous waterfall,which was the local day out for Sri Lankans. On the actual Poya day it got REALLY crowded and busy, and of course everyone takes to the water, fully clothed in the case of the women, in underpants or longis in the case of the men.

I couldn't help speculating on the difference between a Sri Lankan day out in the country side and an English one. In England us Brits would be sitting by the waterfall, in our walking boots, thick socks (even in summer), Rohan trousers and probably walking poles too now, munching our sandwiches and drinking tea from a thermos. If you were from the M's family you would probably be skinny dipping too, (though only of course if no one was around) maybe skimming a few stones.

Here in Sri Lanka you bring your shampoo. This wasn't local communities, but Sri Lankan day trippers, but when confronted by a gorgeous body of water you whip out the shampoo and start soaping up. If you're a girl you do the accomplished rummage under your sarong and the blokes, well they just soap up anddive in. I should add, to get to this waterfall, you wade knee deep through a river, clamber up the boulder strewn stream bed and then balance on rocks in the water to admire the view. This feat was accomplished by women in Saris, grannies in flip flops, tiny babies were being carried in one arm, the other used to balance.
A great day out for all concerned.

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