Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Celebrations, Swimming Galas and Nursery Addicts

M's 40th and he is taking the day off, hurray! Our 6 yr old has been planning things for weeks, enlisting my help with making bunting, paper crowns, doing a painting we got framed etc. As you can see he is very into making a BIG thing of birthdays. What a great husband he'll make! We are going out for a meal ON OUR OWN, to celebrate. Only the 2nd night out ANYWHERE with or without children for 7 MONTHS!!

"You should get out more" takes on a whole new literal meaning for me. I know, if only.

Our daughter is loving nursery and now bullies me to get in the car and take her there. So that is a major leap forward. (the loving nursery, not the bullying me part. She's always done that.....)

Our son came 3rd in his 2 races at the swimming gala last week (they only have 4 houses/teams.........) The 1st race was before I arrived. He came up to me and said "mummy mummy, I came 3rd in the freestyle race!"
"Well done" , I say then,
"mummy, what's freestyle?" Still, didnt seem to impede his swimming, not knowing what on earth he was supposed to be doing.

The relay race was hilarious. The 1st girl in his team was the only girl in grade one to have a floatation device round her middle. She was starting at the deep end. She jumped in and then a look of sheer panic crossed her face as it suddenly dawned on her that she was in 7 ft of water and had to swim 25m to the other end. Meanwhile at the other end, was a little boy with a very large float (not an encouraging sign) waiting to swim his length. My son, back at the deep end was in earnest conversation with one of the students behind him, oblivious to the fact that he was next, then he started passing the time of day with the coach (and let's face it, he had the time.......)

It was agonising watching the progress of the kids trying to get to the other end. It did have, though, the bonus effect of making my son look like a mini Olympian in contrast as he took off with a racing dive and swam crawl for all he was worth down the other end. It was great fun though, everyone participating, everyone being cheered on, even the kindergarten had races.

No mums race though........And no I didn't have my swimsuit and goggles in the bag just in case. Had pushed the unruly ol' competitive instinct back into its box earlier that day.

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