Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mission Accomplished

Reader, my son has been accepted into the school we chose. My parents were sent the letter in the UK & they opened it 'on air' via skype. They got as far as "We are delighted to inform you......." and I didn't hear the rest.


And even more amazingly, last Wednesday my husband was, out of the blue, offered a job working from home (ie UK), with the same organisation, with travel to Africa about one week a month. He had had a rather depressing round of meetings whilst in the UK & everyone had said
"What you're trying to do is really difficult" that is, stay in development but work in the UK.

We knew that, my husband has made a career out of unorthodox moves. But obviously word had got round despite that. The job is only a 2 year contract but I have got (slightly more) used now to living with uncertainty & in the current job climate this isn't anything new. We are just very grateful & very excited.

And having felt we were doing things in such a cock-eyed order, applying to schools before anything else concrete had happened, I feel much the same as Iota, who said
"Gosh it has all come together so quickly. Can't keep up with you! Cart before horse, then horse bolted, then cart went careering off down the road!"
Then added "Am so thrilled for you. Just what you need".

Yes, it was just what I needed actually. It takes a bit of getting used to, everything coming together so quickly. My husband was unemployed for 7 months before we secured our 1st overseas posting, then he got a promotion in Sri Lanka 6 weeks before his 1st job in Sri Lanka finished with nothing else in the pipeline. And we got the Albania job 4 wks before his job in Sri Lanka ended. So not going right up to the wire this time around is a rather pleasant experience!

I don't wish to cause the horse & cart to crash, but I think I could almost say Mission Accomplished. Who could have foreseen that only 10 days ago?


Almost American said...

Yay!! What good news :-)

LJB said...

I love it when stuff comes together like that :)

A said...

So delighted for you. I've been routing for your son&family. I've been reading your blog to get a glimpse of the "reverse" experience ... I'm an ex-pat originally from Albania living in Ireland. While I can't say I know the practicalities of raising children in Albania, this post truly resonated with me. I too thought we had to move to a different city and the whole "exercise" of trying to find the right school for my little one before actually knowing our future residential address not so much fun :). Turns out we don't have to move after all. Wishing you the best of luck

Anonymous said...

Great news and so exciting. Wonderful to know that your son will be somewhere he can thrive.

nappy valley girl said...

Brilliant news!! You must be so pleased.

Potty Mummy said...

Congratulations! Fantastic news. And hope to see you in the summer at some point. x

DAI said...

Happy to hear such good news for you and your family,but regret not to be able to read anymore about your well described adventures in the land of my origin.

Best wishes for all your future endeavors and new undertakings in your country.

Iota said...

So at this point, are you on the cart, whip and reins in hand, holding it all together as the whole caboodle races along at top speed? Or are you jogging along behind, suitcases in hand, shouting "wait for me, wait for me" as they disappear into the distance?

Michelloui | The American Resident said...

Your relief and happiness come out of this post like a breath of fresh air! Lovely! I am so pleased for you!! x