Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sad, but True

Ok so that was a very long post. Sorry. But I think if you started reading you would be hooked by Flutara's story, it's quite amazing what 1 person has been through. Unfortunately she is not even unusual, there are SO many of these sort of stories here in Albania.

That Women's Day post was my 150th post by the way. And it has taken me 3 yrs to get there! and 20 followers, that averages out at 0.6 of a follower per month. Oh dear I wish I hadn't worked that out.....just as well I don't do it for fame, fortune & fanfare. But if there is a semi-follower out there or even a point6 of a follower then please do join me!

I'd better go to the Cybermummy conference & get some hot tips on improving my blog. By the way, I'm going to go out on a limb here, but didn't anyone else think £100 for a day conference rather expensive?? Even £80 the 'discount' rate is a bit steep. Maybe I have just been living abroad too long, maybe that's the 'going rate' for a London based conference, for lunch & some seminars. Maybe the experts are all professionals being paid for their time. I had thought it was going to be a bit more informal with 'blogging mummies' just giving advice from their experience. but actually it looks like it's all about PR & making money from your blog (even though several recent posts keep telling us that's a non starter), marketing yr blog etc. Maybe there will be champagne & wine & take home goodies & that's why it costs that much. Maybe they are not expecting many so it needs to be that price to cover costs.

I mean that's more than a day at The Sanctuary Spa in London. I know of course that people will say "Well, you don't have to go, but the point is, I want to go!"

I also think that MOST people's motivation for going will be because they want to meet other bloggers, the ones they have been reading & 'met' in cyber space.

Maybe I'm just too much of an 'old style blogger' & of course my little unzooted up, low traffic blog is evidence of that.

But I felt like the child in 'The Emperor's New Clothes' who pointed the finger & said "the king's got no clothes on!" when I went to the discussion on the British Mummy Bloggers website & everyone was so excited about it. Only 2 commenters, that I could see, said "Wow, I need to find out more before I commit £100 to this" or "I will do all I can to scrape the money together", which I thought were more normal reactions.

After all isn't the point that we are, by definition, Mummy Bloggers, ie not working or working that much, whereas the price reflects more of a professional market I would say.

Well clearly someone is making money out of blogging.

Tell me what you think, & please correct me if I'm wrong. I would like to know what I am misunderstanding.


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

I did raise an eyebrow at that, but pretty much any other conference I've seen (although nothing to do with blogging) is about that rate. Luckily for me my parents live down the road so I don't need to think about accomodation.

I think most people will be going to meet other bloggers and have a good natter but I am interested to see what people have to say about the more business side of things too. Who knows, I may yet be persuaded that twitter isn't a waste of time...

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

yes, you're prob right. I guess I've just been living in developing countries too long & get a rude reminder every summer about how expensive Britain is...
I saw on the website that they have q a few sponsors which they say has enabled them to make it 'only £100'! I have friends to stay with too, or I wdn't contemplate it. Also u cd bus in from Oxford v quickly. I thought u cdn't go??
I don't get Twitter at all, I mean how to use it but also I don't GET it. Why is it such a useful tool? Beyond me utterly.
I am interested in the more techy side too. I even have a friend who cd redesign my web page.
And Like Iota, I am one of the 'old guard' & remember a v different blogging commmunity & world. It all seems a bit PR-y now.... Bu teach to their own

What Sophie Did Next. said...

Hi! Just seen your blog through google searching for Tirana Mums. My best friend is a fellow Brit Mum here (2 gorgeous girls, 1 and 3) and she's looking to meet people and find out about activities etc. Any advice for us? Would be muchly appreciated! The Albanian family are lovely but sometimes it's just nice to meet some fellow expats.

Thanks a lot,


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

I'm going to leave the kids with Dave and probably will bus in from Oxford. We are going back to Oxford in April, will be based there. I was going to go to Cornbury music festival for the weekend (did you ever go, really great with kids, and they are free if under 12), but will probably just go on the Sunday instead. There are too many bloggers coming who I;d like to meet in person to miss out on! Iota and I are already arranging a 'we don't really get it' coffee table - come join us.


I think your life and your stories are fascinating so I will follow you...there you go, 21!

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

Thank you Nappy Valley Housewife. I appreciate that! I'm following youtoo;o)

Sophie the group many people join is TWIG- Tirana women's International Group. Meets on the 1st We of everymth in the Rogner

Iota said...

I think the price is probably the going conference rate. What I'm sad about is that there is so little in the agenda that is to do with anything other than the marketing side of a blog. There is a nod in the direction of 'content', but that's pretty much it.

Yes, come to my "I'm only here for the coffee and the chat" table, and skip the sessions...

Nova said...

I agree it's a lot of money although I am going but because I could do with a day out and would love to meet some of the other bloggers. A long time to wait for a day out!
Count me in as a new follower....I am very intrigued about your life. ;0)

Miss Welcome said...

I had to follow you too. Your plaintive cry for followers moved me (huge grin).

I can totally relate, though. I have 19 now, but only because I cajoled and threatened friends and family (and random people on the street).

I'm fairly new to blogging, and am not British, so .... I guess that's why I didn't hear about the conference. It does seem a tad pricey unless there will be chanel gift bags or something.

Astrid said...

Why don't you all agree to meet for coffee at the nearest coffee shop instead of going to the conference. £100 each could buy a few rounds!