Monday, August 31, 2009

You’re Know You’re Back When……….

Your car breaks down on your 1st day back.

One of your a/c unit breaks down on yr 2nd day back (waking your son by dripping on him at 5 a.m)

You have a 4 hour power cut on your 3rd day back.

You go to sleep to the sound of all the neighbourhood dogs barking (as usual).

You wake up to the sound of building contractors constructing yet more apartment blocks around you (from 7 a.m onwards).

The car you left in the courtyard is covered in thick dust.

Every day it’s 35’ & sunny.

Every day the pool is visited in order to cool off.

The cappuccino you get in a plastic cup at the pool STILL tastes fabulous.

It’s good to be back, it feels so familiar somehow…

10 Reasons To Be Glad.

The road we live in has finally been tarmaced. Hooray! No more muddy shoes & trousers this winter.

Our baby lemon tree is still alive. AND has some lemons on it.

We’ve killed the wasp nest successfully.

Our daughter has been promoted from child bike seat to tagalong. It’s much easier on the my legs (and bringing it meant I snuck an extra 20 kilos in the bike box)

We’re having the summer here, which we didn’t have in the U.K

The swimming pool should be open for another 2 weeks (& it’s so nearby)

Some friends invited themselves around this weekend. It’s so nice to have people here we can call friends.

I am going to teach IGCSE English at my son’s school.

There are new food items in the shops.

We won the Ashes. (I put that one in for my hubby)


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

Welcome back! So pleased to have you back in this region of the world.

My hubby was pleased about the Ashes thing too.

Sounds like you are having the same kind of weather that we are. Nice isn't it?

Iota said...

Oh, I now feel guilty, as I think I'm to blame for all the woes in your first list. But your indomitable spirit is triumphing, as demonstrated by your second list.

Almost American said...

Sounds like you have lots of things to be glad about! My boss gave us all pens and post-it notes at our opening faculty meeting today that said "Attitude is everything!"