Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Questions, questions.

I have been tagged by Nappy Valley Girl & Potty Mummy. It’s nice to be tagged, but personally I don’t think they make very interesting reading. Also most of the 8 people I am supposed to tag next, have already been tagged, & I don’t feel comfortable tagging blogs I hardly know. So my compromise is I’m doing the tag but not passing it on. Hope this is ok folks.

So below are the 20 questions:

What are your current obsessions?
Finding extra curricular things for my children to do after school here.

Which item from your wardrobe do you wear most often?
My jeans. Having NOT worn jeans for 2 whole yrs in Sri Lanka, WAY too hot, I haven’t yet got over the novelty of being able to wear them again.

What's for dinner?
What ever I decide to make with the left over roast chicken, followed by Victoria sponge with marscapone & orange curd filling, also left over, from tea with friends yesterday.

Last thing you bought?
It can only be food. Shops are abysmal here for anything. It was wonderful juicy Greek oranges from my local shop.

What are you listening to?
100s of frogs croaking in the lake next door to us. They croak from now till September. But are particularly vociferous at the mo. It’s Spring you know…..

If you were a god/goddess who would you be?

Domestic Goddess. Not because I’m particularly domesticated but because I love baking.

Favourite kids' film?
Toy Story 2

Favourite holiday spots?
Seychelles, Peru, Argentina, Malawi. South Africa. Oh I can’t decide!

In UK; North Devon, Pembrokeshire & The Lakes.

What are you reading right now?
Just finished White Tiger. About to start whatever I can scrounge off people. English language novels hard to come by here. Best book I've read recently was "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Mortenson.

Favourite author. Thomas Hardy & George Elliot when younger. Modern author Rose Tremain.

Four words to describe yourself?
Reliable, loyal, chatty, energetic

Guilty pleasure?
Massages, though I don’t get to feel guilty that often.

Who or what can make you laugh until you're weak?
A friend who’s Head of Sixth Form at a school in London. The Prince George Blackadders are pretty funny too.

First Spring thing to do?
Walking through a bluebell wood. Not the 1st flowers but for me the definitive sign of English spring.

Planning to travel to next?
South Africa

Best thing you ate and drank recently?
In Albania, it has to be coffee. Definitely not wine. Best meal was at a restaurant called Vinum in Tirana. We went there 2 mths ago J

Favourite ever film?
Shawshank Redemption

Care to share some wisdom?
Kindness is severely underrated. And it’s the little things in life that often make a difference

What new blogs are you reading?
I found a completely different one called Threads of Loveliness via Millennium Housewife. It’s a craft site. I just love the pictures! And in partic the little mug warmers she made. Bit pointless, but looked very sweet.

Biggest regret. Not being able to have more children.

Almost American has also tagged me, with a different meme, so I’m doing it all in one go.

Six things that make me happy, unimportant things . . . this is quite difficult. It’s easier to think of the important things, which make me happy.

So here we are, trivial things which make me happy:

Friends replying to emails

Blue-sky sunny days

Hitting a good shot in tennis

People remembering my birthday

Comments on my blog

A really good cup of coffee/glass of wine/G&T

That's it. I think I prefer the idea Iota came up with of suggesting blog posts & getting people to vote on which one she should write about. Perhaps I'll do that... Oh dear need to resurrect Technoblonde again.


Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy said...

I'm taking great pleasure in introducing to the Bosnians, who only know Hugh Laurie as grumpy Dr. House to Hugh Laurie as mad, made up Prince George in Blackadder. Their jaws drop and then they laugh hysterically. And why is it this area of the world does brilliant coffee and terrible wine? It is curing my expensive wine habit but creating havoc on the caffeine front.

I'm glad you did the memes but I know what you mean about having a slight feeling of unease about them and struggle to find people who I think might enjoy doing it themselves to pass it onto. Thanks for doing them though!

Wife in Hong Kong said...

Would you like me to send you a good novel or two? I can even do special requests.

Iota said...

Hm, I'll give Rose Tremain a try.

You're right. Kindness is underrated.

Iota said...

Don't you think Toy Story 1 was much better than Toy Story 2?

Paradise Lost In Translation said...

Ditto BiB, re caffeine habits & enforced abstienece from wine!
Thanks WIHK, you are too kind. We have a friend coming out to see us at the end of May (hurray!) so he will bring some books, so for now I'm ok,
Iota, well actually I shd haev put 1& 2. I love Buzz in TS 1 not knowing he's a toy, & yes it is great , I just can't stand the creepy boy next door with his weird/freaky toys, they give me nightmares(tho the battle scene when he gets his come-uppance is fantastic!) For a sequel I htought TS2 was pretty gd

Iota said...

Ah yes, the freaky boy next door is horrible. But I hate that chicken man in Toy Story 2. And it's too sad - the way the girl doll gets dumped behind as her owner grows up.

I also tired of having to explain about a million times why Buzz calls Darth Vader "Father".