Monday, September 24, 2007

Peace and Love, Man

School seems to be consuming a lot of my time at the moment. I have been teaching several days each week. Added to which I am a 'support parent' again for my son's class. It's a straight forward 'intermediary' role between parent and teacher. Not too demanding. Also a friendly face for newcomers. However the two parents for the other Grade 2 class are 'girly swots' in the keenness stakes, and churn out emails, and action plans with a frenzy worthy of a domestic goddess producing cakes for the school fete. I feel exhausted just reading them. I think the list will frighten off potential volunteer parents, who are needed to 1.) hear children read 2.) paint wolves faces on the children for the musical 3.) accompany children to a local temple 4.) complete a form detailing all their skills and interests and areas of expertise in order to be able to give a talk to the children on a topic of interest. I prefer to work on the 'drip feed' need to know basis, rather than panicking them from the outset with too many requests.....

Last Friday was Founders day. Lots of Kandyan dancers as usual. These are essentially more exotic, flamboyant versions of Morris Dancers. equally bizarre, with as many tassels and bells as the latter. A few more flic flacs though. The Principal stood up to give his address and said "good morning everyone" This to the whole school. 3-18 yrs. A lone voice chimed back "Good MORRRRRNING Mister McClellan. The whole school laughed. I thought fleetingly 'how sweet, one of the pre-schooler is doing what they do every morning to their teacher'. At break time I discovered the truth. It had evidently been my SEVEN yr old replying. His teacher told him he was very polite to answer. I trust both my son, and his teacher were being sincere.

This week is "Show your Spirit" week, which always occurs in the run up to some sporting activity at the school. it's the South Asia Swimming Meet this w/e at school. So each day the children have to dress up in fancy dress. As directed. this causes the ex-pat household not a little stress as one simply doesn't have a dressing up box full of clothes to suit each occasion.

Tonight saw me making a CND medallion, a headband, sewing flowers on a waistcoat and tie dyeing an old P.E shirt. For Hippie Day, in case it wasn't clear....I'm dreading Gangster day. Don't even know if it's Gangster day or Gangsta day. There's a difference I believe, mainly musical.

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